In New York and New Jersey, Woodchucks can cause serious damage to your home and yard. A woodchuck, also known as a groundhog, can create major structural issues, wreak havoc on your garden, and dig up your lawn. This article will discuss how woodchucks can be problematic for any homeowner.

What a Woodchuck can do to Your Yard

Woodchucks will dig myriad tunnels through your yard to create a burrow. These burrows feature long tunnels that connect to dens and other rooms within the system. These rooms will usually have multiple entrances so the woodchuck can evade predators and travel underground easily. In creating its burrows, the woodchuck will remove a substantial amount of soil. This can weaken the ground in your yard. Left unchecked, this can cause cave-ins and potholes in your yard. The entrance holes to the tunnels can also create tripping hazards if people step into them.

Woodchuck Invasion in your Garden

Woodchucks eat a variety of different plants, from fruits of a tree to squash and other leafy green vegetables. If your yard has a garden, woodchucks may be attracted by it. Groundhogs can eat a large quantity of food per day and can easily destroy garden crops. They will even munch on leaves and bulbs of flowering plants. Woodchucks dislike the smells of lavender and garlic, so planting these in your garden can be a good preventative measure.

Woodchucks and Structural Damage

Digging and burrowing can create structural damage in and around your home. Woodchucks are known to affect the structural integrity of decks, patios, sheds, and even pools with their burrowing. In more extreme cases, woodchucks can even cause structural damage by digging under a home. If you see a woodchuck burrowing near your home or munching on your garden plants, call a humane wildlife removal specialist.

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