Damages, Clean-Up, and Repairs

Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, or other animals will get into any opening they can squeeze their heads through. They can rip into a roof overhang, shingles, gable vents, and where two roofs meet, or simply anywhere they sense a void. They can even get into the attic through crevices in the chimney. Once an animal gets cozy in your attic or walls, it can make a mess and cause a lot of damage that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. They’ll also return year after year, using your attic as a home base. Many animals have no problem living alongside humans. Holes used as entry will become a great place for leaks to form and a passageway for rodents, birds, and insects.  As shown by the pictures, our professionals have the ability to refurbish even the most detrimental structural damages caused by these pests.

After the removal of unwanted animals from your property, it is important to properly clean up and repair the building. Sufficient cleaning and repair services can help reduce health hazards and further property damage. NY-NJ Wildlife Removal offers comprehensive clean-up and repairs after we successfully remove the wild animal from your property.

Rebuilding After an Infestation

Getting rid of an insect infestation or an unwanted animal is not always difficult; however, the rebuilding process usually is.  If rodents damaged the molding and insulation of your home, how will it be fixed?  It’s great now that the termites are gone but what about the beams beneath the floor which were damaged during the infestation?  Because the outcome of an infestation is much more than the presence of a colony, the experts at NY-NJ Wildlife Removal understand the importance of repair.

In order to combat future intrusions and infestations, NY-NJ Wildlife Removal will refurbish damaged areas.  If squirrels or raccoons damage the exterior siding of your home, our professionals will attempt to match the refurbished areas to the exact color of your home.  In addition to repairing structural deterioration, our professionals use the same sporicidal disinfectant found in hospitals nationwide to sanitize the infected areas.  Without taking proper measures to fully revert the area to its original condition, an invitation would remain open for unwanted guests.

NY-NJ Wildlife Removal offers exclusion and animal proofing for nuisance animals such as Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Rodents, Pigeons, and many others.

Animal Exclusion

Exclusion is the process of removing any current animals that are causing problems on your property while fixing the area that allowed the problems to happen in the first place. This is the most responsible type of wildlife management and is a long-term solution. NY-NJ Wildlife Removal offers a one-year guarantee on all exclusion work.

Animal Proofing

Sometimes preventive maintenance is a good thing, in order to keep animals that are around your property in the future from entering your home or building. We can animal-proof your home. We target specific areas that animals use commonly to enter buildings such as soffits, chimneys, dormer roofs, and attic vents. Since we deal with animals entering homes daily, we know the areas that animals will use to gain access to your home.

Don’t Forget… When an animal wants to get into your attic, walls, or chimney… they will.

Additional Exclusion Services

They are going to try very hard to find a way into that nice warm, dry, space of yours. If that means they have to break in to get there.  For example, a raccoon would have no problem tearing a poorly-installed chimney cap off your chimney. Raccoons will also chew and tear holes open in your roof and soffits. Squirrels will chew holes in the roof, ceilings, attic vents, and walls when they want to get inside.

NY-NJ Wildlife Removal wants to make sure you are animal-free. And not only when we resolve your current animal problem, but for years down the road. Most of the time, it is necessary to repair the damage that is done by the problem animals. When you choose NY-NJ Wildlife Removal to perform any repairs, you are making a long-term investment into your home. All of our exclusion and repair work carries a standard, one-year warranty. Longer warranties are available for certain types of work. The materials and methods we use for our damage repairs are specialized to keep animals out of your home and property. We also try our best to match materials to make your home look like the animals were never there.

  • Attic Vent Replacement
  • Attic and Crawl-Space Insulation Cleaning and Replacement
  • Animal Entry Hole Repair
  • Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Roofing Repair and Replacement
  • Animal Nest Removal from Dryer Vents
  • Chimney Cap Replacement and Installation
  • Soffit Repairs
  • Roof Junctions
  • Bird Barrier Certified Installer
  • New York State Wildlife Management Association
  • NYS Trappers Association
  • National Trappers Association
  • National Wildlife Control Operators Association - Competence, Integrity, Service
  • NWCOA Bat Standards Compliant - Bat Removal certified specialists