Every year, the majority of birds in the New York/New Jersey area go south for the winter. But as Spring edges closer, those bird populations are going to start returning. If you have had problems with birds in the past, you should shore up your home defenses before the flocks move back. This article will look at ways to help keep your home bird-free when migrating flocks return in the spring.

Returning Bird Defense

Bird netting or bird spikes can help keep birds from roosting in certain spots. These are usually employed under awnings or the eaves of your house. These devices limit the birds’ ability to land in sheltered spaces.

Going on the Offensive

There are a number of ways to ward off returning birds. Certain objects can scare birds off, such as loud noise or the presence of predators. Many homeowners will invest in owl statues or dog silhouettes, but they forget the most important aspect of them. These items are supposed to be moved around every so often so that the birds can’t get used to them. Next, wind chimes can make noise that can scare away birds. Flags waving in the breeze can signal aggressive movement to birds. Lastly, shiny reflective surfaces can scare birds away too. Place the reflective tape in your backyard, or hang foil pans in areas that get sun.

Landscaping to Keep Birds From Returning

Certain landscaping practices can help reduce the chances of birds nesting nearby. Firstly, try not to grow any berries or other plants that the birds want to eat. However, if you still want to grow them, cover the plants in fine mesh netting. Next, trim trees and bushes where possible to limit roosting spots. Lastly, water features can attract birds. Cover them with a fine mesh cover or remove them.

If Your Bird Infestation is Too Much

If you are struggling with a bird infestation near your home or business, consider contacting a licensed professional wildlife removal company to take care of the issue. Our team of expert wildlife specialists can humanely trap and relocate your bird infestation to protect your home or business.

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