In New York and New Jersey, Spring is fast approaching. And as the weather warms up and the scenery becomes greener, animals in your area are mating. Rodents like squirrels can quickly multiply, leading to a bigger infestation. If your home isn’t well-protected, you can suffer from a full-blown rodent invasion in the Spring.

Spring Squirrel Mating Patterns

The eastern gray squirrel mates twice during the year. The first occurs in the winter, leading to births in March. The second round occurs during the spring, leading to summer births. Each litter can range between 1-8 offspring. The squirrels of each litter can mature and become independent in a matter of months. This means that a squirrel problem in your home can quickly multiply as the spring progresses.

Protecting your Home

Squirrels like to invade sheds, attics, and other areas where they can feel dry and protected. Be sure to inspect your roof and the eaves of your home for damage that might allow a rodent to get through. Squirrels can squeeze through tight spaces but will make holes bigger to aid themselves. Install a chimney cap to prevent unwanted animal invaders. Squirrels will often look towards birdfeeders as a source of food. If you have one, consider taking it down. However, if you want to keep it, install anti-rodent countermeasures such as a baffle.

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