In the cold winter months, many mammals in the New York/New Jersey area looking for a place to hibernate. Squirrels, bears, raccoons, and more will stockpile food and look for a warm shelter to outlast the harsh cold. Unfortunately, those warm shelters can include your home. Every winter, wild animals break into houses and wreak havoc for the homeowners. A wild animal, or a group of them, can cause serious damage to your home.

An animal invasion can be a big problem. However they get in, they will generally damage the house more to make it easier to get in and out. Squirrels and rodents will often tear up and dig through insulation, creating drafts that waste energy, and raise your heating bill. Animal feces can build up and can cause serious health problems for your family. Food in pantries can become contaminated, whether via direct contact or from fecal material in the air.

Hibernating animals can be a big problem for homeowners and their families.

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