Squirrels may be cute in the park, but no one wants them in their homes. Squirrels can create tons of damage living your attic or crawl space, and can even start electrical fires by chewing through wires. Look for these signs of a potential break-in from these little critters.
Smaller animals such as squirrels and mice can gain entry to your home by a single, small hole. They will often chew the edges of the hole to make it bigger. The climbing capabilities of a squirrel allow it to access holes under the eaves of a home, or get to areas damaged by heavy gutters. Gutters that aren’t cleaned out can pull down on the house and eventually fall. The initial damage can be minimal, but can give pesky squirrels an easy way into your attic. Once in an attic, crawlspace or wall, the squirrels will often tear up insulation and utilize it for nesting. They may tear through insulation in order to get to other areas of the home.
Instead of seeing squirrels or the damage they can cause, you may hear them. Squirrels can make chittering sounds, squeaks, or clicks. While hard to hear outside, a family above you in your home may not be as quiet. You may also hear thumping or scratching as they move around or explore your home.
If you suspect that wild animals are living in your home, make sure you get professionals who can safely remove them, and help to keep them out.

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