Rodents such as rats and mice can be dangerous and persistent pests, harboring diseases and living in large colonies. In most cases, it isn’t one rat that makes it into the home. It is a swarm; an infestation of massive proportions. They gnaw through beams, dig through insulation, and chew on wires. For home or business owners, a colony of rodents can mean disaster.
Rodents live virtually everywhere plants grow, from the frozen tundras of Canada to the deserts of Australia. But in our area, the rodents that populate everything from the woods to the subway systems include rats, squirrels, and mice. All three can be a nuisance to a homeowner. They get into homes in search of warmth, food, or water; and cause a lot more problems than stealing cheese. Rodents will do a lot of damage where they nest, and they can often cause fires this way. Gnawed wires and scraps of insulation can light on fire very easily.
While squirrels mate and produce small amounts of offspring in the Spring, mice and rats breed year-round. In a year, 2 rats can breed to add 32-84 to the colony. Mice generally have less, from about 30 to 50. Mice breed more than mice but bear fewer offspring per pregnancy. Gardens and pantries are havens for these critters, providing plenty of food when needed. Rodents contaminate just as much, if not more food than they eat.
Disease and bugs are some of the biggest issues involving rodent problems. Fleas and ticks are frequently among a colony. While these can transmit diseases, the feces, nests, and urine of rodents are dangerous. Home ventilation systems can blow bacteria or viruses through the house. Food can be contaminated with all sorts of sicknesses, just from contact with the animal.

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