Summer is coming up fast, and as we kick on the A/C, the last thing on your mind is probably your chimney. But chimneys, usually unused in the summer, are a popular place for local wildlife to live. Birds make nests on top, and animals like squirrels and raccoons like to climb inside. What makes a chimney such prime real estate for wild animals?
Whether made of stone or brick, the space inside the chimney is often cool and protected from the elements. This means that an animal hiding inside can stay out of the summer heat, and that nocturnal animals such as raccoons or bats have a dark place to rest during the day. Stones and bricks that line both the inside and outside of the chimney allow for easy gripping for claws. This makes it easy to run up and down the chimney.
Nesting materials in chimneys can be a major fire hazard when you do eventually use your chimney come wintertime. If there is an animal living in your chimney, you should have it professionally removed, and the chimney should be cleaned of debris and waste before use. A heavy duty stainless steel cover should be used to keep pests out of the chimney. Weaker metals can often be torn up by raccoons.

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