This week, the New York City Department of Health issued a warning regarding raccoons in the area. Recently, 6 raccoons have been found throughout the city that tested positive for rabies. 4 of them were found in Manhattan, 1 in the Bronx, and 1 in Staten Island. There has not been a case of rabies in a raccoon in Manhattan in at least 8 years.
With this outbreak of rabies in the city, it is important to remain aware of the potential danger that raccoons pose near your home. Do not leave pets or young children unattended outside. Do not leave food outside for your pets. Make sure that your garbage cans are sturdy and have a locking cover. Signs of rabies can include changes in sleep patterns (raccoons are normally nocturnal), foaming at the mouth, difficulty walking, and sudden aggressive outbursts.
If you see a raccoon near your home; you should avoid contact with it. Raccoons are wild animals and should always be left to professionals to exclude. Rabid or not, raccoons can use sharp claws and teeth if they need to defend themselves from something it sees as a threat, like a dog or a person. If you or a loved one is attacked by a raccoon, wash the wound with soap and warm water; and seek medical attention.

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