Gentrification has been on the rise in New York City, and so has rat sightings. Scientists and pest control experts alike are in agreement that revitalization projects in neighborhoods across the city are driving rats and mice out into the open. What does this mean for you and your home?
With more rodents out in the open, it is likely that they will try to move to other apartment complexes or buildings. It is already a pretty common occurrence to see rats in the subway system, or even on the streets, but these sightings are increasing in regularity. New YOrk City is home to an estimated 33.6 million rats, or about 5 rats per person. The rat population also estimated to be on the rise.
What does an increase of rats on the street mean for the NYC residents? An increase of rodent sightings usually comes with an increase of rodent related diseases. Bacterial infections spread by rat urine, blood, or waste can become more and more commonplace. In 2017, a Bronx resident died of leptospirosis, a bacterium found in rat urine. Increased rat sightings also come as a risk to businesses that can be shut down for rodent issues.

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