Skunks can create huge issues for NY homeowners. The odor that a skunk makes can be awful, but that’s not all. Skunks tear into the garbage, eat garden vegetables, and make a mess in your yard. Skunks will burrow under low decks and break into sheds for shelter. Skunks are relatively nocturnal and do not hibernate in the winter.
Unlike a lot of other urban wildlife, skunks don’t jump or climb well. They will sometimes get into garbage cans by climbing piled bags or attempting to knock them over. They may even become trapped in garbage cans that they climb into.
A skunk’s spray is a sulfuric liquid that can be blasted up to 20 feet, while usually only accurate up to 10. The smell can linger for days. If you see a skunk with its tail raised, get away from it. If the spray gets in you or a pet’s eyes, it can cause temporary blindness.
Skunks are the number 2 carrier of rabies in the country, where raccoons are first. They carry a large host of diseases, including roundworms and canine hepatitis. They are known to be littered with fleas, lice, and ticks; and may contract diseases from them.

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