As the cold weather settles in, and the days get shorter; the wild animals near your home look to come inside. Wild pests like raccoons, squirrels, rats, and more can try to invade your home for the winter. The best way to protect your home against these furry invaders is by doing some Fall cleaning.
Cleaning the gutters can be a real chore, but is important in preventing damage to your home, and preventing animals from gaining entry. When gutters are bogged down with wet leaves, snow, and even ice; their weight of them puts a strain on the house. If they become too heavy, your gutters can rip off of the side of the house, resulting in up to a few thousand in damages. The cracks in the eaves and siding from this damage can be an open door for wild animals to come inside.
Piles of debris around your home can become the perfect den for an unwelcome pest. Wood piled haphazardly, garden scraps, and leaf piles can be overtaken by animals looking for a way to stay near your home. Wood for your fireplace should be stacked neatly and tightly. Debris, leaves, and other lawn garbage should be cleaned up.
Damage to the siding or the foundation is a problem for almost all homeowners. Foundation damage can give wild animals access to your basement areas. Siding damage can allow animals to get inside your walls. Mice and rat colonies can gain access to your home from very small holes. They will gnaw the holes to make them wider. Rats and mice will chew through insulation and swarm throughout your home. The damage to the insulation can cause drafts which will make your heating bill rise. Chewed wires can lead to fire hazards and electrical damage.

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