Fall weather can be beautiful. It is a time of transition. Birds fly south, the squirrels, snakes, raccoons, and other critters are here to stay. Don’t let your home become overrun by wild animals. These tips can help you protect your home from animal invaders, as well as damage from the coming winter.
Clean your gutters. Gutters filled with soggy leaves or heavy snow can rip off of the house. This can be expensive to repair; but it can also create entryways for animals to enter your home.
Trim nearby and overhanging trees. Trees close to your home are excellent vantage points for animals to leap onto your home. Branches that hang by the house can also damage the exterior of the house. Be careful of tree roots that creep to close to the home. Tree roots can sometimes damage foundation or basement walls. This damage can also be exploited by burrowing animals such as moles, voles, and some snakes.
Secure the screens on your windows. Never leave your window open unattended, and don’t leave a window without a screen open. You will lose money on heating during the colder seasons from your windows. Open windows with a broken screen or without one at all can give animals an easy way into the home.

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