Animals like to break into homes for shelter, but they rarely stay in one place. A variety of pest animals will use the walls of your home to access other areas of the home or to get outside. Mice, rats, snakes, squirrels, and more can be crawling inside your walls. What are some common signs that your walls are occupied by critters?
The most common way a homeowner finds out about a pest in the walls is the noise. You may hear them calling out or moving around in the walls. Squeaks from rodents, scratching in the walls, or chittering of raccoons can be heard.
The smell of urine and waste from the animals can permeate through the walls and throughout your home. If left alone, these smells can linger for months after the pests leave. If not properly taken care of, waste from animals can lead to a variety of health risks and diseases that can be harmful to you and your family.
Signs of chewed drywall, insulation, or wood can be a huge indicator of a pest problem. On the outside of the house, you can see similar damage to siding, panels, bricks, roofing, etc. With pest animals like rats, mice, and squirrels, gnawing at openings is fairly commonplace behavior. Rodents can squeeze through incredibly small openings, but generally prefer to make them wider when possible. When animals move through insulation, they move it out of the way, which can create drafts in the home. Some pests will also chew through wires, which can lead to fires.
If you suspect that there are wild animals are living within your walls, contact us for a consultation for our exclusion and clean-up services.

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