When you have wild animals living in your backyard, or even your home, you should think carefully about the wildlife removal service you call to get rid of them. Homeowners should consider using an ethical, humane wildlife removal service to deal with their pest problems; and here’s why.

Extermination Isn’t a Long-Term Solution

Most extermination companies do only that. They deal with the problem, clear out the bodies, and leave. While some may offer services beyond that; most only address the issue of the current invading animal. Humane removal focuses on exclusion and repairing the home so that other pests can’t gain access later. When you use an extermination company, you may have to find a third party to deal with the repairs. That third party may not be well-versed in sealing up damage caused by animals or cleaning out hard-to-reach places where fecal matter and waste may be permeating.

Inhumane Methods Aren’t Always Legal

Pest control and wildlife removal can be very different services. A pest control company way uses poisons or other similar methods to clear out wildlife, just as they would do for bugs. In addition to suffering painful deaths, using poison to remove a pest animal may be illegal. Many bats species, snakes, and more can be endangered. You and the company involved can be fined or even imprisoned for killing a member of an endangered species.

Not all Poison Methods are Effective

There is no guarantee that an animal will eat poisons placed out for them. Poisons also don’t always kill instantly. There is a strong chance that an animal may suffer before they die. Some animals may just get sick and survive. Others still may crawl to a hard-to-reach, tight place and die. It can be almost impossible to confirm that a whole rat or mouse colony is successfully killed and that all of the bodies are cleared out. Humane traps and exclusion methods help ensure that all animals are removed and kept out of the home.

Animals Have the Right to Live

Animals that try to live in your home may be an annoyance, but they still deserve to live. They enter your home for base needs rooted in survival instincts; food, shelter, warmth. By opting to use a humane removal service, you are helping preserve wildlife and the environment. Killing should never be the first option. You can breathe easy knowing that you did the right thing by choosing to humanely deal with your wild animal problem.

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