Rat Crawls In The Kitchen On Dishes And Looking For FoodRodents have been associated with famine and pestilence for millennia, and much of it is for good reason. Ratatouille may be a cute movie, but no one wants a rat in the kitchen. This article will look into the problems that rodents can cause for food safety in both the home and in restaurants.

Rodents and Health Hazards

Rodents like mice and rats carry a wide variety of diseases and parasites that can affect food safety. In addition to their penchant for scavenging food from pantries, they are likely to leave behind parasites or diseases that can be harmful to humans. Rodents may also leave behind droppings that may house these harmful parasites, or carry disease. Additionally, rodent fur produces natural oils that can stain surfaces or contaminate food, which may also harbor these health hazards.

Protecting Home Pantries From Rodents

Any food that is not stored in the fridge or freezer should be stored securely in the pantry. Consider using sturdy, animal-proof containers to store food in the pantry. Clear out trash as needed to prevent it from building up inside. If you notice any signs of rodent activity in your pantry, contact a wildlife removal service immediately.

Protecting Your Restaurant From Rodents

To reduce the risk of rat problems in your restaurant, be sure to secure food sources and clean up regularly. It is important to keep pantries and other areas where food is held clutter-free. Be sure to regularly clean any dining areas so that critters aren’t attracted by dropped scraps. Take care of landscaping and nearby plants, which can be used by rodents as shelter, or access points to windows. Doors to outdoor areas should remain closed to prevent rodents and other pests from slipping into your restaurant. Inspect your restaurant regularly for damage or signs of rodent activity.

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