If an opossum is living under your deck, this can be a serious problem for you and your family. While fairly harmless, opossums can be pesky. They can make quite a mess under the deck and in your trash bins.

Deck Damage

Opossums can damage your deck. Like most pest animals, they can fit in small spaces but may damage the opening to make it easier for themselves. Generally, they won’t do enough damage to ruin the structural integrity of your deck.

Opossums and Your Yard

Opossums are opportunistic eaters. They may scrounge around your garden for the plants, as well as bugs. Generally, opossums can have a hard time knocking over trash bins. They may climb in the bin to feast. Additionally, they may wait for another animal to do the hard work for them. Opossums will often scrounge pails that raccoons or skunks have already knocked over.

Opossums in the Spring

If you have an opossum living under your deck during this time of year, it could be more troublesome. Opossums give birth in the Spring. Overall, this can mean that you could have a mother and its babies living under your deck. While opossums are generally harmless, a mother opossum may be more territorial to defend their young.

Humane Opossum Removal and Repair

Especially during the Spring, humane wildlife removal is important for all critters. Humane removal methods will help ensure that pesky opossums and their young are removed from your property and released into the wild together. This is important for the species and the environment.

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