As we approach Spring, many people in the New York/New Jersey area will be looking forward to utilizing their backyards once again. When getting your backyard ready for the Spring, it is important to prepare it against wild animals that may want to move onto your property.

Secure Garbage Cans

Garbage cans are practically beacons to wandering wild animals looking for a meal. Locking down your garbage cans is a good way to limit animal activity on your property. Consider upgrading your cans to animal-proof models with locking lids. You can also secure your cans to your fence or the side of your house. This will prevent pest animals from knocking them over to access the scraps inside.

Eliminating Food Sources

Other than your garbage cans, pest cutters can find other sources of food on your property. Keep food bowls for pets inside when not under your supervision. Clean up the patio space after having a meal outside. Thoroughly clean barbeques after use. If you have a garden, take precautions to defend your crops from animals that might eat them.

Decluttering Your Backyard

Yard debris and other clutter can provide pest animals with shelter. Animals will identify places that provide cover or shelter. A neat and clear backyard is less appealing to critters.

Keeping Ornamental Plants Neat

Ornamental shrubs and bushes should be kept neat and trimmed on your property. Tall, overgrown grass and bushes give critters plenty of hiding places.

Limit Access to Shelters

Pest animals like to move into man-made structures to shelter themselves from the elements. Sheds, crawl spaces, and the space below your deck or patio can be prime real estate for critters. Secure these areas by inspecting for damage and repair any structural issues you find.

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