Now that the holidays over, Winter is in full swing. While some bats migrate to the South to escape the harsh weather, other colonies try to outlive the cold by hibernating, often by invading homes. Bat colonies that roost in your attic or crawl space can be a major issue for you and your family.
Bats can make a lot of noise inside your home. Screeching, scratching, and light thumping noises are common. They will not hang off the rafters near the center of the room usually, but rather stay close to the insulation in the walls.The flying mammals will also move around in response to temperature changes outside. Bats may crawl down between walls for warmth and may enter living spaces or the basement this way. They may be spotted leaving the house for short periods of time. This is mainly for them to drink water.
Bat guano is disease-ridden and foul-smelling; and can pile up fast. Guano is a cesspool of bacteria, illness, and viruses that can seep down through the attic. Particles can become airborne via the air ducts; and can cause serious diseases, including a potentially fatal lung disease, histoplasmosis. Bats are mammals and therefore can be carriers of rabies. If you are bitten by a bat, seek medical attention.

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