Raccoons can be found throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, and southern Canada. As a medium-sized mammal, raccoons typically weigh between 10 and 30 pounds, and the males are usually larger than females. They can be easily identified by black rings around the eyes and tail of the animal. They have pointed noses and short pointed ears, and their fur is usually gray. Raccoons are one of the larger animals in the New York/New Jersey area dealt with by wildlife control specialists. These nocturnal animals can eat just about anything. The hungry mammals will do anything for food and can be dangerous. They are among the leading rabies carriers. Be careful if you see them during the day They can easily get in trash cans for food. Raccoons can go inside attics of houses to live, especially in late winter to early spring, when they have their young. They can climb trees easily and can look for any opening to get into your house. These critters may even use doggy-doors to gain entry to the main area of the home. Raccoons will eat from pet food bowls or bird feeders outside. Raccoons may drop feces in swimming pools. They might eat the fish in an outdoor pond. They may attack the plants growing in your garden.

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