About a week ago, a wild raccoon in Camden County attacked and bit a dog outside of its home. The two animals were reportedly fighting over food left outside for the dog. The raccoon was captured and taken to New Jersey Public Health and Environmental Laboratories in Trenton. It tested positive for rabies and the dog, who had current vaccinations, was treated properly.
This, like many other animal attacks, is a tale of what not to do. Do not leave food outside, even for your pet. Food left out can attract all kinds of animals, from ants or rats to bears or raccoons. Do not leave a pet outside unattended, even if they are tied up. Luckily the dog was vaccinated for rabies. You should make sure that your pets have a current rabies vaccine; to prevent the spread of this disease. If you, a family member, or your pet is attacked by a wild or unfamiliar animal, seek medical attention immediately.

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