The weather is finally becoming warm and the trees are sprouting leaves. With April Showers behind us, it is time for your garden to start showing some color. But, if you have a groundhog problem, your beautiful garden maybe this rodent’s salad.
Groundhogs are a huge problem for experienced and novice gardeners alike. Groundhogs dig up plants, munch on bulbs, and eat up seeds. Groundhogs also dig tunnels through your lawn and garden. These pesky rodents can destroy your beautiful garden, whether you are growing flowers, fruits, herbs, or vegetables. Groundhogs are known to consume most types of plants that are grown in gardens. Young groundhogs go off on their own after about 6 weeks from birth. A groundhog that finds a home near someone’s garden will have a steady supply of food from it and will probably return to it regularly to eat. Groundhogs, in addition to being superior diggers, are also expert swimmers and climbers. Fences are not always effective at stopping these rodents, unless they are set deep into the ground or built with a lip above or below the ground.

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