Birds of all shapes and sizes in our area often look towards commercial places to nest. Commercial areas have a lot to offer birds in terms of living area, especially pigeons. Awnings and lettering on the sides of buildings often give a bird a place to nest beyond the trees. Near restaurants and grocery stores, there can be a lot of food scraps for birds. But birds can be a serious problem for any business owner, because of the havoc that they can cause.
Birds that nest high up will often roost in gutters or behind signs. Nests made in gutters will often clog them and could increase the risk of them falling off of the building. Damage to signs, both physical and electrical, are possible if birds try to use them as shelter. Bird nests situated near electrical systems or equipment could pose as a fire hazard.
Many birds harbor terrible diseases. Pigeons and their droppings are known to spread infectious diseases: Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis, among others. The presence of birds in or near a restaurant facility could be a contamination risk, as well as a violation of health codes.
Fecal material from birds is a huge issue for business owners. Bird droppings are corrosive to many surfaces; as well as being slippery. The effect that bird feces could have on your property could lead to potential lawsuits.

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