Rabbit In The GardenWhat’s up Doc?

A catchphrase everyone knows related to a wily rabbit. While they are cute and can make a nice pet, they are a pests that you do not want plaguing your garden. They are opportunistic feeders who will often be the bane of any garden, raiding it during the night quite often, usually leaving feces behind. This and the fact that they are able to rapidly reproduce means you will want to take active measures as soon as possible.

Rabbits often build burrows anywhere with thick vegetation and lots of cover. Most species will harvest food from the nearby area to eat although a couple such as the jackrabbit would be willing to travel far to reach a food source. Luckily there are some methods that can work to help protect your garden and plants.

  1. Removal of thick vegetation and cover

  • Rabbits normally like to make their home under cover where it would be hard to spot the entrance to their burrow. This often is in thick vegetation but can also include anywhere that cover is plentiful such as an abandoned building. A remedy for this is the removal of anything that can be used for cover or to hide their burrows. Most rabbits will relocate although some species like the jackrabbit, which is willing to travel far to get its food, will be unaffected.

  1. Fencing

  • Adding Fences around your garden is often a way to deter rabbits from entering and feasting on the plants within. The fence should be made sure to completely surround the area you wish to be protected as well as a little bit extra. The extra space is to make sure that they do not reach in and manage to grab any plants that are too close too the fence. The fence can be a simple wire fence but it should be set up so that a rabbit can not burrow under it or find a way over it.

  1. Dogs

  • A dog can truly be man’s best friend in rabbit prevention. An active dog that is allowed to be in the garden can scare off any rabbits that would otherwise plague the garden.

  1. Trapping

  • Our prefered method to deal with these pests is to trap them. We will place special cages that will capture any rabbit that wanders into it. We will then remove them from the area and release them far from your home into their natural habitat. However we do not recommend you to attempt this since rabbits can carry diseases that can spread to humans.

Our Specialists will be able to make sure to defend your gardens against these opportunistic feeders. We will make sure to find their burrow and will take proper action in order to relocate the rabbits to their natural habitats and will secure your garden against their return. Our professionals will also make sure to sanitize the area in order to prevent the spread of diseases in any locations the rabbits have been in. For a complete, free, inspection and evaluation please contact us and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

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