AntsAs the weather grows warm, insects and animals return for the spring. One such insect you don’t wish to find in your home is ants. These insects will tirelessly work in order to provide for their queen, both by expanding their home, and by searching for food and water. One such method is by invading homes to find food and water. Once they find a way to food, they will form a scent trail that we are unable to detect between where the food was and where they have their nest. What makes them a problem is that they can slip in through cracks and holes in the wall and floor and are able to climb most surfaces, allowing them to enter the house quite easily without detection until it is too late. In fact, ants have even been known to make their hives inside of people’s homes.

Ants are quite diverse. Carpenter ants for example tend to be destructive, especially to a home with a lot of wood, due to the fact that they make their hives inside of wood. Army ants are a nomadic type of ant that will often take food, especially during periods of migration, and can be dangerous to small pets.

Another problem with ants is the fact that due to there being multiple types, they may need unique methods to be eliminated, so a method that worked with one ant colony is not guaranteed to work on another.

Due to these problems, among other issues, it is hard for those who rely on Do-it-yourself techniques to eliminate the pests themselves.

Our specialists will find where these unwanted guests enter your home and will work to make sure they are no longer bothering you in your home. We will take measures to cut off their trail as well as lay down special food to ensure that they are taken care of. Afterward, we will make sure to seal up the entry point so that they are unable to use it again to enter your homes.

Don’t let ants spoil your food.

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