opposum 2Nature may be beautiful, but no one wants an unwanted guest on their property. Luckily, there are ways we can discourage or even prevent animals from invading our homes and gardens. By taking preventive steps early, we might be able to stop animals from spoiling our homes.


Fences are common to find surrounding a home or yard. However, not all fences are good for keeping the pests away. Animals will chew and claw their way through a wood fence, creating gaps that can invade our yard from where it would be hard to see. As a result wire fence is always a better choice, although you need to make sure the gaps in the fence are small enough that some of the smaller critters are unable to get through. The wire fence should be placed partially underground in order to prevent critters from digging under it.


Having a pet, like an active dog, can do wonders at scaring off certain pests. Pests such as rabbits or squirrels will be scared to enter a yard that a dog is or has recently been in. As a result, a pet can be worth having in order to keep your property pest-free.

Check your Property

Performing routine checkups can help you spot if an animal is trying to break in. A variety of pests will create holes somewhere, either in a fence or in your house, to break into a home and garden. Checking to see if an animal has burrowed in the garden or has made a nest under a patio can prove just as useful as well.


All pests try to get what they can when they can. This includes both shelter and food. When you are done eating, make sure you are cleaning up all the food scraps. This will reduce the chance that an opportunistic feeder comes around looking for scraps on your property. Also removing unwanted plants and debris can take away hiding places of any animals looking to make a home in your home.

While these methods are not guaranteed to fully prevent pests from invading your home, these methods can help your home remain pest-free.

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