Squirrel running across the top of a wooden fence with a red brick house, window and ivy in the background. Wildlife, animal, nature.As the Summer comes to a close, it is important to prepare your home for the Fall season. It is important to maintain your home, to prevent pests from moving onto your property. In the Fall and Winter, many pest animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, look for a warm place to outlast the cold weather. Unfortunately, your home could be prime real estate for a lot of critters.

Cleaning the Gutters

The gutters on your home can get easily filled and blocked by fallen leaves in Autumn. This can weigh down your gutters and damage the eaves of your home. These cracks and damage can, in turn, create an entryway for pest animals such as mice or squirrels. Gutter damage can give these animals access to the attic or the spaces within your walls.

Secure the Shed

Your shed or garage can provide pest animals with a dry, weather-proof shelter for the Winter months. It is important to inspect your shed or garage to make sure that there aren’t any potential entry points for wild animals. Cracks in the walls or damage to the doors can be exploited by pest animals. Mice and rats can squeeze through extremely small spaces, as wide as a dime. Your shed should have secure, sturdy doors that can withstand winter weather, as well as potential damage from critters.

Roof Damage

Your roof can often be a major source of problems with pests because you probably don’t look at it too often. Usually, homeowners only notice roof damage when leaks cause interior damage. Rooftop inspections can help reduce future damage to your home while reducing the chances of a pest animal roosting your attic.

Yard Debris

Debris in the yard, such as piles of branches and sticks, can provide partial shelter for a variety of pests. And, when hidden by snowfall, yard debris can create a potential source of injury on your property. Yard debris should be cleaned up as soon as possible, to prevent injury or unwanted wildlife.

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