Birds love to roost in high places, and your chimney can be a great place for them. Unfortunately, this can create issues for you in the future. While you are unlikely to use your chimney in the summer, you may have to clear out nests and debris when winter is on the horizon. Birds chirping in your chimney can become a nuisance, especially early in the morning Clearing out your bird problem in the summer can make your life easier down the road.
Nesting Birds and Chimneys
Birds can create nests inside or on top of the chimneys. Bird feces and debris from the nests can dirty up the chimney shoot. If nests are inside the chimney, it can damage or lock up the flue. Larger birds may even block the entire chimney, which can fill your house with smoke. Bird feces can also put you and your family in close proximity to diseases and bacteria they may be carrying.
Trapped Birds
Sometimes, a bird may become trapped within your chimney. Not all birds have the ability to move vertically up the chimney. When a bird is trapped, it should be removed quickly, and safely. You should call a licensed, humane, wildlife professional to take care of the bird.
Preventing Animals from Entering Your Chimney
Screens are key to excluding animal intruders from taking up residence in your chimney. Chimney screens can help prevent birds, raccoons, squirrels, rats, and more from entering your home.

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