After an animal lives in your attic, it will probably need some major repairs and clean up. If your home was invaded by raccoons, bats, squirrels, or other critters; you may need some serious work. Animals can create several issues that need to be addressed, from contamination to fire hazards.


When wild animals are removed from your attic, it is vital to find entry points and repair them immediately. If left open, these entryways can allow other animals to move right in.

Animal Waste and Parasites

Everybody poops, and the pests living in your attic are no exception. Wild animals can be the host to an array of bacteria and parasites that can be expelled via fecal matter. This waste can seep through the attic floor or flow into your air ducts, which can harm you and your family’s health. Professional waste removal is an important step in keeping your family safe after an exclusion.

Oil Stains

Pests, like rats, have oily fur that can stain surfaces in your home. This can ruin surfaces in your home and is commonly seen around entry points used by the pests. Additionally, these stains have been known to attract other pests, as they mark potential points of entry for other critters.

Structural Damage

Wild animals may cause further damage to make a nest, or even to travel throughout your home. They may gnaw on support beams or scratch up wooden surfaces. Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels like to burrow through fiberglass insulation to go into the walls. This can create drafts and cause your energy bills to rise.

Damage to Stored Items

Items stored in the attic are often damaged or destroyed by pest animals. They usually dig through boxes and bags for scraps of cloth or paper to built nests. This can ruin stored items. These items may be soiled by urine or waste from the animals as well. Proper disposal of damaged or soiled items is essential to cleaning up your home after exclusion.

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