As the cold weather sets in, the birds fly south, and many animals hibernate. But where do the bats go? Bats in our area, unlike birds, will actually stay and hibernate. The flying mammals will hide out in whatever shelter they call home for a large portion of the winter. Whether in a cave, shed, or attic; bat colonies stay put in their warm shelter. With the main source of food for most bats, insects, gone during the cold season; they have less of a need to go out and face the elements. But what can this mean for you and your family?
Bats can utilize spaces like your attic as a roost. While smaller colonies resort to this, there are often more than enough bats to cause problems. Bats can tear up insulation and leave disease-ridden guano. Bats are nocturnal and can make a lot of noise, especially near the times of dusk and dawn. Bats screech, which can be an annoyance when they are in your home. Bats can have rabies, but it is rare.

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