The weather isn’t letting up, and as the wind howls and brings in low temperatures, more wild animals will want better shelter. There are few shelters better for a cold pest than your home. With the temperatures dropping, and thermostats being cranked up, it’s hard for animals not to target human dwellings.

Cold Winter winds can give homes a beating. Damage to the siding or to the roof can create openings for animal invasions. Frozen ice and snow in the gutters can weigh down on the edge of the roof, and crack the eaves. Squirrels and other small animals often enter homes through cracks in the eaves. In worse cases, heavy gutters can rip off of the side of the house, damaging the siding as it falls. Chimneys are a common go-to shelter in the wintertime. Before every use, check the chimney for animals, and leave the flue shut when it is not in use. Not only will this keep animals out of your home, but it will keep heat inside.

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