In the spring gardens become high-profile targets for pests who are looking for a next meal. Sprouting plants and bulbs are often attacked by all sorts of pests, and the promise of food can keep pests coming back. Rabbits, squirrels, and moles, in particular, take a liking to gardens, and they can have more than a few offspring during the spring. Many times, rabbits and squirrels will even dig up and eat seeds as they are planted.
To prevent animal attacks on a garden, there are a few methods for defending against invasions. One of the most common for most animals is the spreading of human hair in the garden. Most animals will be deterred by the smell of humans. Dogs, however, can be attracted to the scent, and dig up your garden. A blood meal is a strong fertilizer as well as a deterrent for pests. Posted wire fences should be placed at least 2 feet into the ground, to help prevent a burrowing animal, such as a mole or vole from entering the garden
But not every method to keep pests out of the garden works as well as removing the pests.

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