There may be over a month until spring, but the Staten Island Groundhog Chuck’s prediction calls for an early change of seasons. When the warm weather comes, so do the pests. In the early spring, animals begin to come out of hibernation and hide. Most wildlife pests will begin breeding at this time. Breeding animals will often look for bigger places to nest, such as attics, basements, and other places in or around a home. Animals during the breeding process are generally more aggressive. Hunger after the cold winter and mate attraction will cause many animals to become more offensive when confronted by humans. Springtime brings a large number of animals out of hiding, from moles to bears. As the weather begins to warm and snow will begin to melt, migratory birds will return, looking for roosting spots and nests. With the emergence of wildlife during springtime, your home may not be safe from animal invasion. Attics, basements, chimneys, woodpiles, and sheds are often good shelters for animals, and many of them can enter with relative ease. Don’t let your family become unsafe because of disease-ridden pests breaking into your home.

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