The summer heat and mugginess brings out the insects. With about a month before summer is here, the bats are emerging to hunt the bugs. Bats, while nocturnal in nature, hide out in dark, unoccupied spaces; like an attic or shed in the day. Bats live in almost all of North America. These flying mammals can carry rabies, as well as a slew of other diseases. Their feces, called guano, can also carry many diseases,and can cause the growth of a fungus that can cause lung disease. Bats can fit into a hole as small as ⅜ inches wide. They can easily hide out in chimneys or slip in through cracks in roofs or eaves. The shrieking that bats make can be bothersome for families dealing with bats. The oils from the bat’s fur can dirty up the home, and can stain.

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