Spring weather is in full swing; with warm, breezy days and cool nights. But an unfortunate side effect of this weather is the emergence of wildlife and their breeding. Opossums in particular give birth to up to 20 offspring in a litter, each growing while they eat your garbage and invade your home. With little to no predators in towns and cities, opossum populations grow rampantly, only hindered by cars. Famous for playing Opossum, many predators will leave them alone because they assume that their prey is dead.

Opossums can rip up lawns in search of bugs, and tear into the garbage to scrounge for a meal. They are skilled climbers and can use their tails as an extra limb to help them maneuver. Opossums will often live in trees or get into attics via overhanging branches or telephone wires.

Much like raccoons, opossums can and will eat just about anything humans eat, and then some. While they are not as skilled in hunting as raccoons, opossums will hunt insects, worms, mice, birds, and snakes. They are attracted to carrion and have no problem digging into another animal’s finished meal or roadkill.

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