Zombie Raccoons? It might sound crazy, but it is more possible than you may think. Raccoons, when infected with diseases can exhibit incredibly weird behaviors. There is one disease that causes raccoons to act like the living dead.  Raccoon distemper is an incurable disease that causes raccoons to walk on their hind legs, in the daytime, and bear their teeth. They are also known to fall backward into a comatose state when infected.
Distemper is a very contagious and viral disease. It can not be transmitted to humans, but cats and dogs, and some other mammals are susceptible. While there is no cure, there are vaccines to help protect your pets.
Early stages of the disease show up as mild to moderate respiratory problems, insomnia, runny noses, and watery eyes (which can lead to the development of conjunctivitis or pneumonia). The final stages of the disease can lead to the animal only being able to move in circles, to eventual paralysis and brain damage. The final stage of this disease is similar to that of rabies.
If you notice raccoons exhibiting these behaviors, call a professional wildlife removal service. If your dog or cat has these symptoms, take them to a vet as soon as possible.

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