When a snake moves into someone’s backyard, it is because there are a lot of benefits for the snake in the area. Is your backyard a haven for snakes?
Snakes like to hide in debris and woodpiles. If the side of your house has a pile like this, you could be providing a home for a number of animals; snakes included. Investing in a rack for your wood stack that raises it at least 6 inches off the ground can help prevent wildlife from moving in. Clear debris from near your house whenever possible.
Ponds, fountains, puddles in the backyard can be a watering hole for any number of creatures. For something higher on the food chain, like a snake, this can also be a good hunting spot, as other critters may come for a drink. Snakes will especially like to utilize a pond or water feature if there is ample shade near it.
Your landscaping can be a welcome mat to snakes. Vegetation that is close together and taller are ideal for snakes. Tall vegetation provides more shade for snakes. Plants that are closer together provide cover and shelter for snakes.
Make sure your home, garage, and shed are sealed up. Not only can snakes get in, but so could rodents. If rodents take up shelter in your buildings, snakes are more likely to live nearby.
Snakes are most active from the Spring to the Fall, because they try to stay dormant in the winter

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