As winter comes to a close, residents in New York and New Jersey all get excited to come out of their houses and enjoy the Spring weather. However, humans are not the only species ready for Spring, as many wildlife are ready to come out in droves. Here are some of the more common pest wildlife to watch out for as Spring approaches.

Squirrels in the Spring

Squirrels are no stranger to the New York and New Jersey area. Residents frequently see them on their property foraging for food or looking for nesting materials. Squirrels are known for shredding wood framing on the house and gathering soft materials like insulation. They also put their teeth to work as they also chew on loose wires and PVC pipes, causing electrical or plumbing issues. To prevent these nutty rodents from entering it’s best to patch up any openings or holes around the attics. It is also good to seal off all insulation and wood framing in the attic so they don’t see the attic as their possible home.


If these little thieves are not busy scrounging for trash, they are busy invading your house. Raccoons are excellent climbers, having strong hind legs and opposable thumbs. They love to seek out any potential hiding spots such as attics and are known to open doors and windows. One bad risk and residents can potentially see fire hazards, drafts, and thousands of dollars of repair work. The best way to prevent them from getting around is to seal up any trash cans right away and remove any potential hiding spots.

Rodents in The New York Area

Mice and rats are a common menace for many NYC residents, and the spring just makes it worse. These rodents are attracted to food sources and shelters, commonly invading restaurants, grocery stores, and homes. They are not only a nuisance but a health concern, as well. To prevent rodents from getting into your property, make sure to seal trash and food tightly, so there is no incentive for them to search for food. It is important to seal cracks in the foundation to prevent them from squirming their way in. Mice and rats also have a tendency to chew through insulation and wiring, which can lead to fire hazards and property damage.


Opossums are no picky eaters, as they will eat just about anything they can find. While they do eat other nasty pests like cockroaches and ticks, opossums can be carriers of diseases, especially rabies. It is always best to not approach an opossum in your yard or home directly. To prevent these opossums from targeting your house, make sure to keep your trash cans sealed tight, and remove any potential good sources or scraps from your yard.

Skunks in Spring Gardens

Notorious for their odor, skunks are pretty prominent in the NY/NJ area. Aside from bringing a bad odor, skunks are also attracted to yards with dense vegetation, as it provides shelter and hiding spots for these nocturnal animals. They also tend to eat most fruits and vegetables growing in your garden. Berries are a favorite target for them. Skunks also have a high potential for carrying rabies. To prevent these stinky animals from invading your home, try to remove any potential hiding spots in your land, and trim back any vegetation in your yard.


These nocturnal flyers are less common, but not foreign to the NY/NJ wildlife area. They enter through small openings to roost or look for food. At times they can also find shelter in your attics, garages, or dark places in your home. If you see a bat do not touch or approach it, as bats can potentially carry diseases like rabies. Instead, call local professional wildlife removal teams so they can safely remove the bat from your property.

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