While some New York and New Jersey homeowners might be more familiar with squirrels or pigeons on their property, a snake can be a very different encounter. If you find a snake in your home or on your property, it is important to know how to approach the situation. Below, we will discuss what to do.

Don’t Panic About the Snake

While many people can be nervous or scared of snakes, try your best to stay calm. Remaining calm is essential in any encounter with a wild critter. Animals may interpret fast movement or loud noises as a threat. While most snakes are not aggressive, they may attack if they feel threatened. Be sure to keep pets and children away from it. After moving them out, instruct your children to put on close-toed shoes, even indoors.

Call a Wildlife Removal Specialist

Call a professional, humane wildlife removal specialist to remove the snake from your property. If you can tell the operator any information about the snake to help them identify it, they can better serve you. This may include color or pattern, head shape, size, and whether it had a rattle. Generally, snakes with a more triangular head are more likely to be venomous. If you didn’t get a good look, the removal specialist can identify it when they arrive.

Snake Sightings in Your Yard

Generally, a snake seen outside will likely move off to another area. But if you see snakes more than once around your home, you might need to call a specialist. Alternatively, if you see a large snake or one that you suspect is venomous, you may want to seek out professional removal services.

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