For coastal areas of New York and New Jersey, it is common to see seagulls congregating in parking lots. Even if you are a few miles from shore, seagulls can often be found in large flocks walking or flying around in parking lots near malls, strip malls, and department stores. But why do seagulls like parking lots?

Parking Lots and Food Sources

Seagulls will eat almost everything, from waste scraps to human food, to bugs and insects. Parking lots offer a wide assortment of free “food” for these birds. And while many of them will end up eating paper, cigarette butts, and other waste products found in the parking lot; others will manage to score edible food. Well-manicured patches of grass near parking lots meant to beautify the space are often a good source of worms and insects for seagulls as well. Additionally, many gulls can find food in dumpsters from nearby restaurants and supermarkets found in or around parking lots.

Parking Lots and Defense

Like many other bird species, a flock of seagulls will not all eat at once. In most cases, many gulls will feast as a few will act as sentries, looking around for signs of danger. Parking lots offer wide-angle views for the gulls that are often unobstructed. This gives the birds plenty of time to react to danger, usually cars passing through their feeding grounds.

Parking Lots and Nesting

In addition to the food sources and the defensive capabilities of the parking lot, there are also many places for gulls to roost and nest. Tall light poles offer plenty of opportunities for high-up nests. Awnings, signs, and large letter signs offer additional places to build nests. Finally, most parking lots are accompanied by buildings with flat or shallow-sloped roofs. These make it easy for gulls to nest or roost above their feeding grounds.

If you have a flock of gulls terrorizing your parking lot and nesting throughout your property, you need professional removal and exclusion specialists to employ prevention tactics. NY/NJ Wildlife removal specialists can help remove nests and prevent gulls from building more in the future. Removing their ability to nest nearby can limit their activity in your parking lot.

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