Live trapping is the humane process of capturing a wild animal without harming it. Wildlife removal services often use this process to humanely relocate a problem wild animal.  Below, we will discuss what live trapping is, and how humane wildlife removal specialists use it.

Live Trapping Cages

Live trapping often utilizes cage-style traps that help capture the animal without harming them. These cages often utilize one-way doors or spring-loaded mechanisms to stop the critter from escaping. Unlike fatal traps, these devices minimize injury to the animal within.

Live Trapping for Unwanted Critters

When a humane wildlife removal specialist sets a trap for a pest animal, they place it somewhere the animal will likely frequent. A trained specialist will know how a critter is likely to move in a space and will work to set a trap along a likely path. For humane trapping practices, frequently checking the traps reduces the time the animal spends confined. It also helps in releasing unintended targets that may wander in, such as neighborhood pets.

Baiting Traps for Different Species

Even for live trapping, bait is often used. This will help attract a pest animal into the cage, and provide some food for the captured animal. However, trapping is not a perfect solution, and other animals may wander in. The right bait for the target animal can help increase the likelihood that you trap the right critter. A professional wildlife removal specialist will know the right bait for the job.

Please Leave it to the Professionals

You should contact a professional if you have a wild animal on your property or in your home. A humane wildlife removal specialist can handle your pest animal safely and efficiently. Do not attempt to trap or capture a wild animal yourself. If you see an animal trapped in a live trapping device, do not approach it. Captured animals often panic, and may scratch or bite. This can lead to injury or the spreading of disease. New York/New Jersey Wildlife Removal is a humane animal exclusion and removal specialist. We capture a wide assortment of wild animals in the New York New Jersey area and utilize humane capture and exclusion techniques, including live trapping.

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