If you have bats living in your home, you should not attempt to remove them yourself. Not only could the bat harm you or others, but it may be illegal for you to relocate them. Leave removal to the professionals, and contact a humane wildlife removal company.

Bats Bite

If you attempt to catch or chase bats out of your home, you may get bitten. Bat bites can carry rabies, among a host of other pathogens, viral infections, and bacteria. Many of which can be transferred via a bite.

Bat Guano is a Health Hazard

Bat droppings, often referred to as guano, can carry microorganisms and parasites. Disturbing the guano can also cause spores of the Histoplasma fungus found within to spread into the air. Breathing in these spores can lead to Histoplasmosis, a lung infection. Cleaning up and sanitizing after removal requires proper protective gear to prevent infection.

Endangered or Threatened Bat Species

Many bats in America are on the endangered or threatened species lists. As such, there may be specific protections against removing them. As a private citizen, you may be charged with fines or even jail time as a result of harming or illegally relocating a bat or their colony. Even if it was in your home. Because of this, you will need to contact a licensed wildlife removal specialist with experience in safely removing bats.

Removal, Exclusion, and Sanitization

Professional removal of bats includes humane trapping practices and proper relocation. Next, exclusion helps keep bats and other critters from coming back into your attic or shed. From there, repairs and sanitation help restore the home and clean up any hazardous waste left behind by the bats. New York New Jersey Wildlife Removal Inc. is NWCOA Bat Standards Certified for the safe and humane removal of bat species.

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