In the summer, barbeques and pool parties take over backyards. When you are inside, you either blast the A/C, or you open the windows to get a summer breeze. This time of year can be fun, but wild animals can be a huge problem.
Barbecues and outdoor parties can attract all sorts of wildlife to scrounge for leftovers. Once an animal knows where to get food, it will keep coming back; and it may even try to find shelter nearby. Cleaning up after parties and outdoor meals can help prevent this. Wipe down tables, scoop up crumbs, and hose off the patio. Cleaning the barbecue itself is a good idea with or without pests.
Open windows can cool down your home on a breezy day without the need to waste energy. Make sure that the screen on your window is sturdy and undamaged. Mice and rats can slip through broken screens, and also make the holes bigger. Windows without screens can give bigger animals like raccoons a way into your home.
If you have a doggy door, it should be locked shut when not in use. Raccoons can often slip through them and gain entry to your home. Do not leave dog food unattended outside. This can attract a variety of hungry animals.

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