Squirrels are at home in Urban Areas like the 5 boroughs of NY.  Squirrels scurry up trees and telephone poles, across telephone cables and lawns. Squirrels are even better climbers than you may think. They can climb brick walls and can hang from trees with only their hind legs while they eat, hanging upside down. While squirrels can’t climb all surfaces, there are many ways they can get to the roof of your home, and into your attic. Squirrels are powerful jumpers despite their small size, and can deftly leap from tree branches or telephone wires to get to a shelter or food source. This is one of the reasons that bird feeders are often emptied by squirrels. These little critters can even shake and pour out seeds from feeders for themselves or other squirrels to collect on the ground.
Squirrels can swim for short distances, and in some cases, fall in pools. Unless the pool has steps or an artificial shore, it can be almost impossible for them to get out. Koi ponds can be water sources for squirrels if they are not covered with a metal mesh frame. While squirrels will not hunt or eat the fish in your pond, foxes and raccoons might.

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