Squirrels, don’t they just drive you nuts! These pesky rodents are the cause of a large amount of urban property damage. You may like to watch these cute critters chasing each other around in your yard but what you don’t see is what they’re doing to your property.
A squirrel is a type of rodent which means that they are mammals that have ever-growing incisor teeth that they need to keep filed down. They do this filing with the act of gnawing on things such as wood, metal, wires, hoses, or any other objects that may be in your yard. Also if you have a grass yard these rodents will dig and burrow underneath your shed, your pool, or even your home! Once they do this there is not much you could do before they begin causing substantial property damage.
Squirrels search for a warm dry place to reside. Normally they would choose an attic of a suburban home located by a wooded area. Once they get into the home they can make a mess with their waste, and will scratch and gnaw through wood, plaster, insulation, cardboard, and plastic.
The longer you wait to handle the removal of these pesky rodents the more money you will be paying in property damage, so get professional help as soon as possible. These animals could be quite aggressive too.

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