Rat bar

While we humans do our spring cleaning, pests out of hibernation are doing something else – spring breeding. Almost all pests breed after the winter, as a way for those who survive the harsh conditions of the cold season to repopulate. During this time, pests may become more territorial, and males become more aggressive in general. Most importantly, breeding brings forth even more pests.

Spring cleaning opens up a lot of places in a home, and during the cleaning sessions in the attic or basement, you may find little invaders. During the spring, many home invaders are discovered,  their shelters found by people while cleaning. If you encounter an animal in your home during your spring cleaning, do not approach it, as most animals, from bats to voles, are in a highly aggressive and territorial state of thought during the spring. It is safest to call a professional wildlife removal service to deal with your intruders.

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