New York and New Jersey house over 10 species of snakes, 2 of which are endangered. Although cold-blooded, snakes in New York and New Jersey don’t all hibernate. Some species of snakes can live through the cold, especially if they can get into your home. Snakes in the New York/New Jersey area range from about 10 centimeters to a few meters. Many snake species are skillful climbers, and can move from overhanging trees to the roof of your home. Wood piles and basements are also high-profile targets for snakes looking for a place to live. Burrows for snakes are also found under tree stumps, in hollow logs, or in/under sheds. Snakes that gain access to a home will often use walls to move around in the home and find a warm place devoid of human activity. Burrowing through insulation is a common practice of invading snakes which lets them move around the house while staying warm. Damage to the insulation can lead to drafts and a higher heating bill. Signs of snakes include hissing sounds, scraping and sliding noises, or actually seeing snakes. Venomous or not, keep your distance from any snakes in  or around your home and call a licensed wildlife removal professional.  

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