Skunks are one of the most rancid-smelling animals that you may ever come across, so why should you have to deal with them living in your area? Skunks pose many threats to your home, your family, and your beloved pets. All it takes is one accidental run-in with a skunk for you or your pet to get sprayed and end up smelling putrid for days.
Another risk that you should be aware of is that skunks may carry the rabies virus. Just a few years ago almost 27% of rabies cases in the United States were related to skunks. A few signs of rabies to look out for are fearless behavior in the animals around humans or pets, and extreme aggression, which is not common for animals such as the skunk.
Imagine taking out the trash at the end of the day and you open up the pail and come face to face with a disgusting skunk. Much like raccoons, skunks are omnivorous animals and will dig through the trash for scraps and leftovers. This can pose extreme danger for people as they risk an attack or spraying while doing something as simple as taking out the trash.
Lastly, be sure to look out for the droppings of these animals. If you notice that there has been a skunk wandering around your area, and you come across strange droppings be sure to remove them in a safe manner. Skunk droppings harbor harmful bacteria and parasites and pose an extreme threat to humans and animals. If you notice a skunk in your area please be sure to leave it up to the professionals for the safe and humane removal of it.

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