We all know that squirrels are skilled at scaling buildings and climbing walls; but how do snakes do it? Snakes are often caught in attics or inside the walls of homes, but how do they get up there?
Snakes have the ability to “climb” rough surfaces such as bricks, trees, or some sidings used for houses. They can tighten their muscles and squeeze their way up surfaces. Snakes can slide up these surfaces with relative ease and make their way up to your roof.
Snakes don’t stick to or latch on to walls the way a lizard or squirrel could, but they do utilize their muscles to tightly squeeze into the soffits of bricks or around tree trunks. Rougher surfaces are easier for them to slip up.
Snakes would gain access to your attic in the same way that a squirrel might. Holes in the roof, cracks in the eaves, or damage from the gutter can give a pest animal access to the inside of your home.
Snakes that gain access to the inside of your home often go into walls as well. They use them to travel throughout the rest of the house. Snakes that enter the home at a lower level may migrate to the attic where it is warmer. Snake activity in the walls can lead to damage to the insulation of your home, causing drafts and cold pockets.

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