Rabbits as pets can be cute, but they can be real pests. They don’t invade homes often, but they can be bothersome in backyards. If you have planters or a garden, rabbits may eat some of the plants. Rabbits can also dig burrows or take shelter in sheds.
Spring is coming soon. That means that rabbits will be going at like… well, rabbits. They usually produce 2 to 6 litters during the spring. Not offspring, but litters. Each litter may produce 1 to 14 offspring; but the average is about 6. Rabbits do not hibernate or go into torpor during the winter.
Rabbits can eat up a large variety of plants that grow in suburban gardens and landscaping. They are known to chomp on many things in your garden, but they particularly target plants such as carrots, lettuce, kale, beans, and peas. They have no problem munching on bushes, trees, and berry plants. Rabbits often chew on irrigation lines in gardens and can cause some serious damage to them.

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